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Cock-Mad Johny Cruz Enjoys An Unbelievable Triple Penetration! (Use me! Scene #3) HD

4.5/5 (Total votes: 73)
Added: 11/May/2015
Duration: 25 minutes, 52 seconds
Comments: 25


Some scenes are just so fucking wonderfully predictable that they almost don’t need any kind of narration, and this truly amazing escapade – featuring Johny Cruz doing what he does best, i.e. being a total and utter man-slut! – is just such an offering! Indeed, if you ever for any reason thought that young Cruz was a fellow who might just have some element of sexual restraint, or indeed a degree of morality about him, then what you’re about to see him get up to with Alejandro Alvarez, Xavi Duran and (eventually) Jace Reed will almost certainly leave you in no doubt that that’s just not the case at all.

Cruz is, in every sense, a young fellow whose last vestige of impropriety has been eclipsed by an almost obsessive desire for cock en-masse – and fuck, don’t we just love him for it! In fact, he’s pretty much on sexual overdrive from the moment that two hunky, tattooed pals (Alvarez and Duran) arrive in the bedroom to give him a good working over, just moments after he’s placed a telephone order for pizza. Indeed, you might be even left wondering what aphrodisiac this boy is one as he guzzles on both dicks like his life depends on it.

But it’s what happens after the arrival of delivery boy Jace Reed – and his monster dick! – that really fires this escapade into the stratosphere; with all three fuckers now gagging for a piece of the gigantic shaft, before Cruz succumbs to the inevitable results of his hyper-charged libido and takes the dicks of all his co-stars up his ass simultaneously! It’s an almost unbelievable performance; topped off by Cruz taking his buddies’ spunk all over his face and in his mouth! In short, abso-fucking-lutely brilliant!!

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Johny Cruz should be awarded a medal, for his neverending quest to discover the limits of the male arse to accommodate cock. Well done.!!

patmiky, 11/May/2015

This is really a super hot scene ! The new guys are really great : so handsome, so powerfull and horny they really give a hard time to Johnny who makes the most of their hard dicks. The ATM part was particularly hot !! I hope we'll see them for some time. Can they bottom as well ? not sure... we'll see. Thanks again.

Christian , 11/May/2015

Johny Cruz is surely the best bottom in staxus team..he can take 2 or at least as we saw 3 stiff dicks into his warm burning cunt. but Jace Reed should have been into the clip from the him so much 5 stars

Chris, 11/May/2015

This was awesome surely the limit of anal sex.

Simonxxx, 11/May/2015

At last, men with beards! Two in one video as well, AWESOME.

Degs, 11/May/2015

Very nice seeing Johny back, and what a nice surprise not only a double but a triple penetration =D As far as the models go, I like for the models to look fresh and youthful, Alejandro or Xavi is neither of that. I would have loved to see some young hot guys eg. Arthur Kral and Sam Williams instead of them topping Johny alongside with Jace. Not a fan of the bear type, but different folks different strokes I guess... Let's hope that we'll get to see more triple penetrations in the future, I find them very hot =)

biggerthebetter, 11/May/2015

Si habituellement, j'émets toujours des éloges parfaitement justifiés et mérités sur vos exceptionnelles réalisations, je suis au regret de devoir faire ce soir le commentaire le plus négatif depuis que je suis client de votre formidable site. Au plan pornographique, il n'y a rien à redire sur ce clip qui est comme tous les autres excellemment réussi. En revanche, il y a une erreur monumentale de casting dans le choix des modèles. Alejandro et Xavi seraient sans doute d'excellents interprètes dans des sites spécialisés dans ce genre de modèles et auprès desquels je ne dépenserai jamais un euro pour en devenir membre. Par contre, ils se sont pas du tout adaptés pour des sites à minets qui sont les seuls (pour ma part) qui présentent un attrait érotique et surtout chez STAXUS qui en est le leader incontestable. J'aurais mille fois préféré voir un quatuor qui aurait réuni Erik, Noah, Yuri et Edward.Désolé !

Pascaloux, 11/May/2015

For heaven's sake! Partly real men not shaven like a young boy. Who writes thes French comments? Englich should be standard. Otherwise I'll write in German!

jamea, 11/May/2015

No doubt Johnny can take whatever he wants ;) and, in this scene, guys like Alejandro or Xavi were nice options. Johnny loved them for sure, because Johnny wouldnt be interested in having "kids" this time ;) . Oh...and by the way...another portuguese on Staxus.. It's the third one here !

Vaclav, 12/May/2015

....and I forgot to say something about Jace ;) . Always a pleasure to see him ! One of the best tops on Staxus

Vaclav, 12/May/2015

Yes, awesome! Oh and I like the use of different types of models..

London81, 12/May/2015

@jamea Everybody is free to write in the language they prefer / understand. English is not mandatory here. For example we have more German members than British members, so why shouldn't German be used here more often :) ?

Staxus - Andy, 12/May/2015

@staxus..Andy..I´m also german (from Düsseldorf, Northrhine-Westfalia)..would it be really ok if I more often post my comments on german? then I´ll of course do cause sometimes do mistakes in english or miss the words..really nice to get to know..I didn`t write in german till know cause you are czech (from prague) so I thought most wouldn`t understand german?!..:-)

Chris, 12/May/2015

The new lads are both Portuguese ? myself, despite the few offended critics I find them super nice and hot and they bring some welcome change and diversity here. How do we know they are from Protugal : no stats on their page ! lol

Christian, 12/May/2015

OMG! Is Johnny Cruz the luckiest guy on the planet?

chupollas, 12/May/2015

oh fuck I loved Jace in that leo ocean's twink hotel scene and now this...! stop fucking me.

chinghaoyu, 12/May/2015

Always amusing to see how different tastes can be not only among the general population, but even the much narrower sample of Staxus' subscribers! :-) To add one more view regarding Xavi and Alejandro (whom I know from elsewhere) : I happen to be a big fan of "Latin" guys, and a lot of Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian, Argentinian or Cuban chicos, to name some, are among my all time favorites - for their looks, incredible bodies, hung dicks, for their "alegría" and, not least, for their passion "na cama" :-) So please, feel free to have more latin models in the future (and I know we will :) but where I would like to second @biggerthebetter and @Pascaloux is that the "bear" type, to use their wording, especially the facial hair, IMHO really doesn't find the taste of the majority of the audience on this site (you may remember the echo to previous attempts to present more "mature" matches didn't go too well either). Nevertheless there's a lot of hot Spanish and latin models who fit well with the Staxus "mainstream" twink type, and they would certainly be great options. -- on another topic, I have no problem with @Pascaloux writing in French, or @Chris in German (I happen to be German myself by origin, but prefer to write in English nevertheless). Everybody should feel free to write as they feel most comfortable - and nobody is urged to read every comment. --- Otherwise, great clip, even though I don't think it is an important goal for the future to try and twist anatomy even more only to be able to present the first fourfold penetration (although Johny Cruz could certainly take it, LOL :D

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 12/May/2015

Not really a big fan of Johny Cruz. The two guys from Spain (Xavi Duran and Alejandro Alvarez) are somewhat not my type, way too much hair (esp. in their faces). And the triple penetration was more a whish than a real thing...Jace was not really inside. Better keep the DPs over triple.

secondsky, 12/May/2015

Love the bearded guys! Let's see them take on or share Noah, or breed Eric Franke.

Phoenician, 13/May/2015

Please, german ... no ;)) . I will have to use google translator to understand you guys from Germany lol . And google sometimes don't do the translation in the right way ;) . Alejandro Alvarez is portuguese. He's from Madeira I guess, but lives now in Germany. Alvarez is the third portuguese on Staxus. Before, Staxus had Alex Santana and Pedro Ribeiro.

Vaclav, 13/May/2015

of course German - people should write in their own language. so please write in german - we have alot of german customers and we would welcome it very much.

STEVE, 14/May/2015

@Vaclav, what do you mean "google sometimes don't do the translation in the right way"? It NEVER does! Not in any language (pairing). It's just as miserable as any other attempt of automated translation.

NymphoManiac_Funseeker, 14/May/2015

You're right, NymphoManiac. Google translator doesn't translate in the right way. I know that, because sometimes i receive some messages made by a few friends that i have abroad and they try to do it in my country language using google. And it doesnt work. Really. And sometimes I laugh at the meaning of some words ;) .

Vaclav, 15/May/2015

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